Who We Are

We are a family-oriented church that seeks to minister to the community through our God-given gifts and abilities. Archdale First Church has a strong balance of age groups and lifestyles. We make it a goal to reach the whole family for Christ.

Our worship services are a blend of traditional and contemporary with a focus on being very upbeat and encouraging. We have a strong praise band and worship team that lead our service every Sunday. We seek to have every person actively involved in our services. The children participate in our worship time before going to their individual classes and we provide nursery care for all of our services. We have many areas of involvement for people and offer many opportunities for people to get to know one another. Learn more about our small groups in the Connect page.

We welcome anyone who is a born-again believer to become a part of our fellowship. We are non-denominational and focus on developing a local fellowship focused on Bible study, outreach and prayer. Come and be a part with us!

What We Believe

Archdale First Church is part of a global movement called the Church of God out of Anderson, Indiana. While the Church of God does not have any official creeds or a statement of beliefs, there are a few Biblical principles in which we believe strongly:

Jesus is LORD. There is one way to receive eternal life, and that is by accepting Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior.

We are the Church. At Archdale First Church, membership is not based on a vote from the congregation, nor is a class required to become a member of the church. While these acts are not necessarily a bad thing, we believe that the only thing that makes someone a member of the church is one’s belief in Jesus Christ. We are all members of the same body – one global church.

We are all one Body. It is important to remember that Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ. Regardless of minor theological differences among believers, we all have one common tennent: Jesus is Lord, and He has called us to live in peace and unity.

We must be Holy. Being a Christian means becoming more like Christ, and less like ourselves. We have been called to live lives of love, purity, and godliness. We trust Jesus to work in a transformative way in our hearts to make us more like Him.

If your are interested in learning more about the Church of God, you can visit their website.